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September 1, 2021  August 31, 2022.

HK$ 300 / year

Who we are...

The ISS Circle of Friends comprises alumni and anyone interested to further their learning and practice of Bowen theory in their personal and professional life.  It is hoped that with a new way of thinking about human relationships, we can make a difference in the lives of ourselves and others.

Join COF if you are interested to...

  • Develop a systemic perspective to viewing human relationships
  • Enhance your rational capacity
  • Work on self- regulation
  • Develop a “responsible I”
  • Build connections with extended family and significant people

Benefit Plan

FREE Bi-monthly Bowen Vision activities (5 activities or more)
FREE Guided Discussion of Family Matters videos  (12 sessions)
Get Latest News & Promotions of the Bowen Center Network
5% off for nearly ALL Training Programmes
5% off for ALL Products Videos & Books
Bonus offer: Enjoy membership rate when attending programmes of HK Marriage and Family Therapy Association.


Date Course Code Title YouTube Speaker Facilitator
Dec 6, 2021 (Mon) FM 12/21 The importance of knowing family history Link Victoria Harrison Ngan Lai Mee Yuk
Jan 5, 2022 (Wed) FM 01/22 Sibling Position: Life Choices Determined by Sibling Positions Link Anne McKnight Jean Tai
Feb 7, 2022 (Mon) FM 02/22 Parental bonds Link Peg Donley Kimmy Li
Mar 9, 2022 (Wed) FM 03/22 Relationship Fundamentals: Togetherness and Differentiation Link Daniel V. Papero Kimmy Li
Apr 4, 2022
FM 04/22 Aging and Late-life transition Link Carrie Barone Ngan Lai Mee Yuk
May 11, 2022
FM 05/22 Technology & Relationships Link Kathleen Cauley Jean Tai
Jun 6, 2022
FM 06/22 Divorce and adult children Link Carrie Collier Livia Cheuk
Jul 6, 2022
FM 07/22 Bowen systems thinking & addictions Link Anne McKnight Ngan Lai Mee Yuk
Aug 8, 2022
FM 08/22 Bowen theory and nature Link Daniel V. Papero Livia Cheuk
Sep 7, 2022
FM 09/22 The origin of family psychotherapy Link John Butler Livia Cheuk
Oct 10, 2022
FM 10/22 Finding a self in parenting Link Carrie Collier Kimmy Li
Nov 9, 2022
FM 11/22 Chronic Anxiety Link Michael Kerr Jean Tai


2022 Calendar of Family Matters Video Series On-line discussion Group

COF Discount Price on Training Programmes

Course Name Standard Price COF Price Money Saved
Basic Course in Bowen Family Systems Theory HK$ 4000 HK$ 3800 HK$ 200
Journey into Family of Origin
Clinical Applications of Bowen Family Systems Theory
HK$ 3800 HK$ 3610 HK$ 190
Family Research Consultation Group HK$ 6700 HK$ 6365 HK$ 335
Couple Counselling – the Family Systems Approach HK$ 4000 HK$ 3800 HK$ 200
Growing Up when Faced with Death in the Family HK$ 2400 HK$ 2280 HK$ 120

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