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Counselling Service

We offer counseling to help families and individuals to cope with life dilemmas, so that they can understand their problems in a new light, manage self and relationships more effectively.


We serve people from all walks of life. People facing the following problems are welcome to seek our counseling service:

♥ Couple relationships – marital discord, extra-marital affairs, separation, divorce, remarriage

♥ Infertility

♥ Parenting

♥ Child / adolescent behavioural / emotional problems

♥ Individual emotional problem, depression, anxiety, fear

♥ Anger management

♥ Grief and loss

♥ Job stress

♥ Relocation

♥ Relationships with extended families

♥ Aging, retirement


Our counseling service is guided by  Bowen family systems theory. In our counselling service, you will be facilitated:

♥ To think clearly, so that you can have a broad view of the situation, and understand your problems in an objective way.

♥ To manage your emotional reactions, so that you can be in a calmer state.

♥ To examine your own part in the problem situation, and see how your and the other persons are mutually influencing each other.

♥ To understand your life principles and develop choices

♥ To plan and implement appropriate strategies to cope with the problem

♥ To see the connection between your present situation and their past, making use of family resources and to prevent recurrence of dysfunctional family patterns

♥ To have effective relationships with people important to you, so that you can be both responsible for self, and for the overall good of the group that you are in.

Language – Cantonese, Putonghua, English


Mrs. Peggy Chan M.Ed., R.S.W.

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Certified Counsellors

Our counsellors have Masters degree in Counselling and are Certified Counsellors of the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Assoication.

Counselling Trainees

Through their practicum, our counselling trainees provide counselling service at very affordable fees to the community. All of our couselling trainees have obtained their Masters degree in counselling/ social work, and have experience in counselling or social work service. Their practicum is part of our training programme whereby they learn to apply Bowen theory in their clinical work. The counselling trainees receive regular supervision from Mrs. Peggy Chan.

Tel (852) 2258 9303

WhatsApp / Text:
(852) 6360 2212


ISS Family Institute
6/F, Southorn Centre, 130 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong


Fees / session ( each session 1 hour):
  • Counselling Intern: HKD $200
  • Certified Counsellors: HKD $500 – $800
  • Senior Counsellor & Family Therapist: HKD 1,500 / session (1 hour)


Service Hours:

Monday – Friday 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

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