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Bowen Vision 2021-2022

母子情深 - 成年兒子的反思
Mother-son Relationship – An adult son’s Reflection

May 14, 2022 (Sat)
2022 年 5 月 14 日(星期六)

3:00 pm – 5:50 pm



面對父母給自己數不盡的恩情、豪無保留的犧牲和忘我, 以子女的需要為依歸和人生目標的情景,成年子女如何領受這些愛和恩情?可以說不,而不傷害父母親的好意嗎?若是,如何說?還是完全接受父母親的好意照顧和愛護,安份做個「媽寶」或「爸寶」? 在成長過程中,我們如何適當地對父母感恩,亦為自己創立空間,建立自己,活出自我?


講者羅偉強先生透過分享他對自己原生家庭的研究,會與我們剖析他與母親及整個原生家庭的成長之路,探討如何應用Bowen theory,邁向更情緒成熟之生命歷程、建立自己,活出自我。


With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day approaching, we all use this holiday to commemorate the hard work of our parents and thank them for their selfless dedication and rearing, but less about the struggles and complex emotions of adult children to accept their parents’ kindness.


Faced with our parents’ often limitless kindness, unreserved sacrifice, self-denial for the benefits of their children, and life goals of satisfying their children’s needs, how should adult children receive this love and kindness? Can we say no without hurting our parents’ good intentions? If so, how to say it? Or do we fully accept our parents’ care and love, and become a “mommy’s boy” or a “father’s boy”? In the process of growing up, how can we show our gratitude to our parents appropriately while also creating space for ourselves, establishing ourselves, and living out our true selves?


The speaker, Mr. Law Wai Keung, will share his research on his family-of-origin. He will discuss how he uses Bowen theory to work on his relationship with his mother and his entire family-of-origin towards a more emotionally mature life course, establishing himself and living out himself.



Mr. Law Wai Keung Simon, M.CMFT


羅偉強先生(Simon) 於基督教婚姻及家庭治療碩士(MCMFT)課程畢業後成為一位全職輔導員。自2016年,他服務於伯特利輔導中心。

Simon是香港專業輔導協會(HKPCA) 認證輔導師;香港婚姻及家庭治療協會(HKMFTA) 認證婚姻及家庭治療師;美國婚姻及家庭治療協會(AAMFT) 專業會員;Prepare/Enrich認證輔導員;及MBTI®認證施測師。於Simon在輔導歷程中,對Bowen theory產生濃厚興趣及認同,從自身實踐,不住學習,努力緞練自我區分,活出真我,造就健康家庭。

After graduating from the Master of Christian Marriage and Family Therapy (MCMFT) programme, Mr. Simon Law became a full-time counsellor. He has served at Bethel Pastoral Counseling Centre since 2016.

Simon is a Certified Counsellor of The Hong Kong Professional Counseling Association (HKPCA); Certified Marriage and Family Therapist of the Hong Kong Marriage and Family Therapy Association (HKMFTA); Professional Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT); Prepare/Enrich Certified Counsellor; and MBTI® Certified Practitioner.

In the course of counseling, Simon has become interested in and identified with Bowen theory. He has put it into practice and strived to practice differentiation of self, living out his true self, and promoting healthy families.


Course Code:


BV 03/22
Date & Time:


May 14, 2022 (Sat) 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm

2022 年 5 月 14 日(星期六)下午 3 時正至 5 時 30 分



Public: HK $100 (Discussion)

公眾:港幣 $100 (討論)

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6/F, Southorn Centre, 130 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
香港灣仔軒尼詩道130號修頓中心6樓/ Online (Zoom) 
/ 網上 (Zoom)


羅偉強先生, 基督教婚姻及家庭治療碩士

Mr. Law Wai Keung Simon, M.CMFT





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