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Family Matters Video Series Online Discussion Group 2022

Bowen systems thinking & addictions

Online Discussion
Jul 6, 2022 (Wed) 7:00 -8:30 pm

I am Dr. Marianna Martinez, your host. Unfortunately, few families have not been affected by a family members’ abuse of alcohol or drugs. Some of you have heard your family member justify their alcohol or drug addiction by saying their addition was the result of being in an awful family? Or maybe they explained their addiction this way, “my family has nothing to do with my drinking or with my drug abuse, it has to do with me and only with me”.


In this edition of Family Matters, we are going to discuss how both explanations for additions are wrong! So then, what role does a family play in the case of family members who become addicted to alcohol or drug? And what is the role and responsibility of the addicted family member?


Joining me to explore family systems thinking on the issue of family and addictions is Dr. Anne McKnight, Director of the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family here in Washington, D.C. Anne developed a special interest in families dealing with addiction. She has worked, taught and supervised students in a child and family substance abuse program in Northern Virginia, where she currently has a private practice.


我是主持人Marianna Martinez博士。不幸地,只有很少家庭沒有受到家庭成員酗酒或濫藥的影響。你們有否聽過你的家人為他們的酗酒或濫藥辯護?說他們的成癮是因為生長在一個糟糕的家庭中,或者認為家庭與他們酗酒或濫藥無關,只是與他們自己有關。




與我一起探索家庭系統,思考家庭和成癮問題的是華盛頓特區博域家庭研究中心主任 Anne McKnight博士。 Anne 對處理成癮問題的家庭產生了特別的興趣。她曾在北維珍尼亞州的一個兒童和家庭藥物濫用計劃中工作、教授和監督學生。她目前在該州私人執業輔導。


Course Code: FM 07/22
Date: Jul 6, 2022 (Wed)
Time: 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm Viewing of the video
(or participants can view the video in their own time prior to this meeting, and join the discussion at 7:30 pm)
7:30pm – 8:30 pm Discussion
Fee: Public HK $100 per session

HK $100 off if you join 6 or more sessions once
(E.g. HK$700 for 8 sessions)

HK $1,000 if you join all sessions once (Total: 12 sessions)


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Venue: Online (Zoom)
Youtube: Link
Facilitator: Ms. Ngan Lai Mee Yuk  
Language: Cantonese supplemented with English

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