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Family Matters Video Series On-line discussion Group

Strained Relationships between Adults and their Parents

On-line Discussion
Aug 2, 2021 (Mon) 7:00 -8:30 pm

Time heals! Is this true?
The passage of time does not necessarily resolve the strained relationships between adult children and their parents. Some people may find that after 30 years, they still feel stifled, cannot be themselves in the presence of their parents, or still feel irritated with the sense of being unjustly treated by their parents, thus choose to distance or even cutoff from them.

  • How does unrealistic expectations on both sides or the breach of contract between parents and children, as Dr. Murray Bowen described, play a role in this strained relationship between adult children and their parents?
  • What are the consequences of strained relationships between adults and their parents?
  • Can the adults replace their primary parental relationships with strong friendships or other social relationships and still thrive?
  • What does disconnection with our primary relationships do to other aspects of our life and our next generation?

In this video, Allen Blakey interviews Douglas Murphy, MA, LCMFT, and shares that lifelong disruption in family relationships create difficulties in the future generations’ ability to form loving, trusting unions.

Course Code: FM 08/21
Date: Aug 2, 2021 (Mon)
Time: 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm Viewing of the video
(or participants can view the video in their own time prior to this meeting, and join the discussion at 7:30 pm)
7:30pm – 8:30 pm Discussion
Fee: Public HK $100 per session

HK $100 off if you join 6 or more sessions once
(E.g. HK$700 for 8 sessions)


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Venue: Online (Zoom)
Youtube: Link
Facilitator: Mr. Choi Tin-yam, M.Soc.Sc. (Counselling), R.S.W. Accredited General Mediator (HKMAAL)
Mr. Choi is a social worker of an integrated family service centre. Mr. Choi also has extensive experience in working with asylum seekers and their families. Mr. Choi has participated actively in the training programmes of the Family Institute.
Language: Cantonese supplemented with English

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