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Professional Training Programme in Bowen Family Systems Theory

Continuing study (B) – 2023


  1. To enhance the systemic perspective in viewing human behavior and interpersonal relationships.
  2. To promote neutrality and objectivity in observation and conceptualization of human behaviors and societal events.
  3. To sharpen the student’s awareness of  his/her own emotional reactivity patterns.
  4. To facilitate efforts to manage self and develop well-thought-out principles to guide one’s behaviours.
  5. To promote research and writing on Bowen theory.



  1. 4 monthly class sessions, each session 4 hours.
  2. 4 monthly group supervision sessions,  each session 4 hours.
  3. 6  monthly individual supervision sessions.



  1. Class – Lecture /presentation/discussion by Peggy on in-depth study of specific subjects. (1.5 hr.)
    Suggested topics for this year –  forgiveness, neurofeedback, violence, anxiety, Bowen theory and various aspects of science,  etc.
  2. Discussion on book /article study or /and video –  5  hour
  3. Student presentation – 1 hour (2 students, each  5 hr.)

You are very welcome to suggest topics of study for this coming year.

It is hoped that students can take more initiative and commitment to reading on Bowen theory. There will be prescribed readings for each session (manageable, short pieces), and sharing on thoughts about the readings during the session.  I think the reading will be very helpful for our learning.


Please note that coaching or individual supervision is an integral part of the study.  It is essential that study and practice of the conceptual knowledge is substantiated with on-going and regular reflection of the self through coaching /individual supervision.



PTP – Continuing Study (B) 2023 Schedule

Class –

Lecture/Presentation /Discussion

2 pm – 6 pm

Group Supervision
 4 hr/session              
Apr.1,  2023 (Sat) May, July, Sept. & Nov., 2023

Members will fix the dates for one supervision session in each of the above month.

Jun.10, 2023 (Sat)
Aug. 5, 2023 (Sat)
Oct. 7, 2023 (Sat)



HK$10,000  (6 individual supervision sessions)



Peggy Chan   MEd, RSW.


    1. Cheque

      Please make your cheque payable to "International Social Service Hong Kong Branch", write your name, contact phone number, programme name and code at the back of the cheque and mail it to us.

    2. Bank transfer

      Please make deposit to the bank account of "International Social Service Hong Kong Branch" via automatic teller machines (ATM) / bank teller / the internet banking. Please send the bank pay-in slip or a copy of transaction record to us by post or email with your name, contact phone number, programme name and code.

      ISS-HK Account: HSBC (Bank code 004) 028-003622-001

    3. Cash

      Pay by cash in person during our service hours

    4. HK $10,000 (6 individual supervision sessions) ChequeBank TransferCash


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      Application will be accepted on first-come-first-served basis. Fees paid are not refundable unless the enrolled programme is full or cancelled. If Storm Warning Signal No.8 or above, or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is hoisted, the lesson will be cancelled. Details of postponement or other arrangements will be announced afterwards. Receipt of application fee will be issued on the first day of the course. A Certificate of Attendance issued by International Social Service Hong Kong Branch will be given to those who complete at least 80% of the programme with more than 3 classes. Photos or videos may be taken during the programme, and be used for promotion of the Institute’s services. If there is disagreement about this, please inform the Institute by writing. The personal data provided on this form is used by the Institute only for enrolment and administration purposes (and for sending promotional materials of the ISS-HK / ISSFI programmes and activities if you have not checked the tick box indicating objection for us to do so). Under the provision of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, applicants have the right to request access to and make correction of their personal data. Please write to us to make the request. You may refer to our privacy policy for details. Tel.: 28346863 Fax: 28347627 Email: issfi@isshk.org Address: ISS-HK, 6/F, Southorn Centre, 130 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

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