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The Relationship World of the Young Adult

文:Anne McKnight, LCSW, EdD 麥勵安博士


Author: Ms. Berence Lee, M. Counselling In present day society, household pets have become increasingly important members of many families. Although pet animals do not need to work for their living like farm animals, they still serve important functions within the

TAIWAN ASSOCIATION FOR MARRIAGE AND FAMILY COUNSELING台灣婚姻與家庭輔導學會 Oct. 31, 2015 Bowen Theory Conference Proceedings2015 年 10 月 31 日「Bowen 家庭系統理論與多元領域的對話」研討會手冊 Bowen Theory in Parenting(Bowen 理論在親職教育的運用) Introduction Parents of today face unprecedented challenges. Problems of children are becoming more complicated, ranging from simple disobedience, academic

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