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Module F: Videos by Dr. Murray Bowen / Dr. Michael E. Kerr

The ISS Family Institute has a collection of videos and audiotapes on Bowen theory.  The videos include presentation by Dr. Murray Bowen, Dr. Michael E. Kerr,  faculty of the Bowen Center, and Network Centers.  Learners of Bowen theory or anyone interested are encouraged to make use of these audio-visual resources.




Participants of the Foundation Program will be required to view at least 2 videos by Dr. Murray Bowen, or Dr. Michael E. Kerr, or a Faculty member of the Bowen Center. Discussion will follow after viewing of the video to facilitate integration of the theoretical concepts.

Coming Video show & Discussion:  to be announced.




Viewing by individual students can also be arranged. Please contact the Family Institute for this option.

Fee: HKD $50 /session

Free: For COF members and current students of the Family Institute’s training programmes.




You may download the application form as below, or proceed for online enrollment.

Click here for application form in word format

Click here for application form in PDF format




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