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Family Matters Video Series Online Discussion Group 2022

The origin of family psychotherapy

Online Discussion
Sep 7, 2022 (Wed) 7:00 -8:30 pm

Dr. Mariana Martinez interviews Dr. Jack Butler, PhD.

In the world of science, being up to date is of paramount importance. It is so easy to become obsolete. Well, today we are doing things backwards. Instead of talking about the latest developments in Bowen family systems theory, we will talk about its origins. Our guest today, Dr. Jack Butler embarked in a journey of rescuing, organizing and publishing the research project that gave birth to Bowen theory. Dr. Butler, a clinical social worker and marriage and family therapists has dedicated years of study and application of this theory. He has written extensively about this topic, and his last publication was an effort to go back to step one, so to speak, and attempt to grasp from Dr. Bowen´s own handwriting, how he discovered the family as an emotional unit. The idea of the family as a system which was central to the birth to a whole new field in psychology: the family therapy movement.


Mariana Martinez 博士採訪了 Jack Butler 博士。

在科學的世界裡,保持最新狀態、與時並進是最重要的,而變得過時是那麼容易。今天我們逆向做事,我們不談論博域家庭系統理論的最新進展,而是談論它的起源。今天我們的嘉賓,Jack Butler 博士踏上了拯救、組織和出版有關博域理論如何誕生的研究項目之旅程。Jack Buttler 博士是一名臨床社工和婚姻與家庭治療師,多年來一直致力於研究和應用博域理論。他寫了大量關於這個主題的文章,他的最後一篇出版刋物努力回到第一步,他試圖從 Bowen 醫生的手寫稿中了解他是如何發現家庭作為一個情緒單位。家庭作為一個系統這想法,對在心理學中誕生了一個全新領域:家庭治療運動尤為重要。

Course Code: FM 09/22
Date: Sep 7, 2022 (Wed)
Time: 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm Viewing of the video
(or participants can view the video in their own time prior to this meeting, and join the discussion at 7:30 pm)
7:30pm – 8:30 pm Discussion
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Venue: Online (Zoom)
Youtube: Link
Facilitator: Mrs. Peggy Chan  
Language: Cantonese supplemented with English

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