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nyc to st lucia

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nyc to st lucia

Did not pick up garbage for at least an hour. The problem was there they ran out of food for first class and no wine was offered. All visitors will be required to remain in quarantine/isolation at their hotel or Government Operated Quarantine Facility until the test result is obtained. Rome2rio makes travelling from New York to Saint Lucia easy. They didn't seem to be very accommodating or apologetic and I didn't even offer compensation to those who had to stay overnight to wait for the next flight out. ", Pros: "I liked the helpful staff I was able to contact via phone. Only snacks are chips. All flight schedules from St. Lucia, Caribbean to John F Kennedy International, United States. ", Cons: "Unprofessional, rude, unorganized, & just ridiculous!!!! The crew was great." Find all the transport options for your trip from New York to St Lucia right here. I could understand this, maybe, if I had not responded to a question (I was typing on my computer), but she hadn't even tried to ask me what I wanted, she just went for this very abrupt and aggressive attention-getting technique. Still love the mood lighting. ", Cons: "I did not like the delays over one hour delayed", Pros: "Great customer service at check in window, very comfortable and clean airplane, very good cabin crew..overall highly satisfied" AT the destination. Poor mother!!! I was running late. ", Cons: "Just because the flight was full.. The meal was delicious and warm." He even made sure l didn’t miss my snack when I dozed off. Find all the transport options for your trip from New York to Saint Lucia right here. For international flight, especially long ones the seats should be able to go back further and not feel like a board, the seats were uncomfortable and small. Cons: "The birding officer didn't inform me about the visa requirements to cross from Dusslouf to Vinna airport. ", Pros: "Some crew members were really nice" Now it’s just another packed crew with union attendants who do minimal and I mean minimal effort to make passengers happy. For the price I paid for the seat and his behavior of taking up my spot and the empty spot in between us (he took up 2 chairs because he was laying down to sleep) I was very disappointed and uncomfortable during the flight. ", Pros: "Quick check ins..when you arrive early to the airport." Comfortable seats and lighting for an overnight flight. Find cheap tickets to anywhere in Saint Lucia from New York. Cons: "I was delayed over 2 hours", Cons: "We were on the tarmac for almost 2 hours. A few perks would have been appreciated. ", Cons: "Although my baggage was make fragile they still handled it with no care what-so-ever. He then replied how that wasn’t his problem. MY FLIGHT # WAS 881 TO ST. LUCIA SEAT 2A. I will most likely be looking at other airlines as options in the future for flying because AA has been on a steady decline lately with my experiences. ", Pros: "The crew was very friendly and boarding was very fast." ", Pros: "The hours you fly are perfect for my business. Not on person seemed to watch entertainment, because of the program you have to sign up for. ", Cons: "Seats were beyond uncomfortable unless someone was shorter than 5 feet tall. They wouldn't put me on another flight that day, so I ended up leaving the next morning on the first flight out but I was still late for work. I lost a couple of hours that I could have been working. KAYAK is a travel search engine. Kayak seems to do this frequently, and as a customer it is confusing and disappointing. ", Pros: "My flight to Frankfurt was a disaster. The total flight duration time from New York (JFK) to Saint Lucia (UVF) is typically 8 hours 05 minutes. It is such a relief." Cons: "No proper food", Pros: "Flight got delayed for over 10 hours and the attitude of one of the reps at the gate was very harsh , plus he kept on making up unesesarry stories to individual clients when we ask him about the possibility of getting on the flight the next day . Inflight entertainment were recent movies. What is the cheapest flight to Saint Lucia? I got there and had missed the connecting flight and stand in line for 20 min for someone to tell me that I would be stuck in DC overnight. ), I spent the whole flight crammed into the corner, trying not to bump into the lady next to me (and she wasn't taking up too much space, btw - neither of us was overweight and neither of us used the shared armrest, we were both just wedged into our seats. Weather was not the issue and I was stuck in DC overnight by myself and not compensated for hotels or meals. The person in front of me reclined his seat and there was very little room for me to open the tray and use the computer. Cons: "None. The total straight line flight distance from New York, NY to Saint Lucia is 2,007 miles.. Your flight direction from New York, NY to Saint Lucia is Southeast(153 degrees from North). Didn't appreciate that much. Did not have that problem on other Lufthansa flights to and from Europe. Yes! The staff were extremely kind and helpful with our items and transportation. I was very displeased and shocked how I was treated. United Airlines flies most frequently to Castries from New York. It's confusing to have to shuttle across the tarmac to another terminal. Cons: "First plane broken; they got another one that came in...with electrical problems!!! I would focus on quicker turn around and less accommodation of highly variable flight times in tight NE corridor", Pros: "Excellent aircraft. Cons: "it was NOT a lufthansa flight, which is what i was expecting and wanted. Cons: "The plane was delayed for two hours! more, We’ve searched 100s of deals recently found by travelers.*. Because of that delay rather than getting home at the scheduled 2pm on October 3 I got there at 12am on October 4 2017", Pros: "Apart from a well handled gate change, the flight was uneventful. The tickets issued at Newark had no gate assigned for our connecting flight and with the delay and everything, more time was wasted with finding that. That means we look across the web to find the best prices we can find for our users. Lost my wallet but that was not JB's fault :O", Pros: "My bad experience had nothing to do with the crew the weather was just terrible which made my flight bad the crew was awesome. The nearest airport to New York, is John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and the nearest airport to St Lucia, is Hewanorra Airport (UVF) Find flights from London to cities and airports near New York Distance from New York to St Lucia is approximately 3240 kilometers. ", Pros: "On time, good breakfast and air hostesses were on point", Pros: "I really liked the fact that they were on time. So all the things I liked about Virgin are still there. I’m still fuming!" See five-finger corals, rays, … ", Pros: "Smooth and quick ride." No where near what actual Dunkin’ coffee taste like. As a result half of our luggage did not arrive on our flight but arrived on subsequent flight. Also, this was advertised as Lufthansa but was actually United. Of course we were assigned to the last row of the antiquated MD 88, right next to one of the engines. i drove my rental car to boston that night, instead of flying", Cons: "Delayed flight for 6 hrs. It also made it difficult to get out of the seat. The boy who rebooked us for the next flight did not assist with anything, did not tell us about vouchers. My seat was comfortable and the movie and television selections was great. The flight was delayed by 3:30 hours. And finally... they lost my suitcase. ", Cons: "Never made it. Cons: "Legroom was tide. New York City, NY is 2,007 miles from St. Lucia There are 2 weekly flights from New York City, NY to St. Lucia JetBlue has the most nonstop flights between New York City, NY and St. Lucia Miami, FL - Miami International Airport is the most popular connection for one stop flights between New York … ", Pros: "Big plane and there is a lower level for toilets that makes it easy for passengers to access and not be close to bathrooms" So I was unable to listen to the in-flight movie", Cons: "The food/breakfast was poor. ", Cons: "I forgot my earbuds and there were no complimentary headsets available", Cons: "Flight was delayed and terminal staff was rude about making changes", Pros: "Crew was fantastic!" ", Pros: "The food was great" ", Pros: "Slept like a log Gate staff were nice Lounge was very average poor food and beverage. Not much the airlines can do, but it just slows down EVERYTHING.". I would like to know what the compensation will be for this unpleasant event. I was unable to use it. Book at least 2 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. Cons: "As soon as I got onto the plane, a male flight attendant rudely told me there was no room for my carry on. When the person in front of you put their seat down you feel like ham in a sandwich. Not interested in entertainment or food. I felt uncomfortable with his behavior and the way it was managed by just telling him not to do that. Arrived over three hours late and nearly missed my cruise. ", Pros: "Meals and leg room .in flight service was good." SAFETY SHOULD NEVER BE COMPROMISED EVEN IF FRIENDSHIP IS INVOLVED. Cons: "The boarding was a little chaotic but that may be a result of the limited space available at Newark Airport. ", Pros: "Terrific food in economy and comfortable seat", Pros: "The direct connection to Milan The extreme fast flight with jet stream That the luggage arrived as well", Pros: "Crew was nice on plane and they were trying to keep us filled with food and water." Not a headphone issue, they worked fine in another screen. I made it out before the storm", Pros: "Every thing was great" Attendants were helpful and courteous . ", Pros: "I liked that the seat reclined, access to some movies and shows, I LOVED the free WiFi. Are there last-minute flights available from New York to St Lucia for under $400? Cons: "The layover in Frankfort was long and the gate we went out is in need of an upgrade but B10", Cons: "Not able to watch TV, movies of flight status", Pros: "Large leg room" ", Pros: "The Delta terminal at La Guardia was amazing I felt like I was back in Singapore , I had my choice of really good food ranging from Italian , German , Japanese and some American places all of which sounded good the prices were a bit expensive but that is just airports ! Cons: "- pushy flight crew and not responsive - the pilot missed the landing at Cheddi Jagan airport twice because of bad weather and then told us that he would have to land in Piarco if he didn't make the landing on the third attempt. Cons: "Everything was aweful except for the movie selections. No issues with checking in, boarding, in flight and landing...thank God." Comfortable. From North America, direct service to Saint Lucia is available on American Airlines from Miami; Charlotte and Philadelphia; on JetBlue from New York and Boston; on Delta from Atlanta; and on United Airlines from New Jersey and Chicago. ", Pros: "Prompt on time service." ", Pros: "On time departures, on time arrivals. Cons: "Nothing to write . UNFORTUNATELY I HAD TO MAKE USE OF THE RESTROOM AND HAD TO BE USING MY ATHELETIC SKILS TO GET BY. maybe coordinate it with the company colors?" Email address is rpperfectimage@aol. Cons: "Sitting on the runway for an hour", Pros: "Fast, efficient, friendly service. Still sitting and waiting on my flight to Waco", Pros: "Food was good" ", Cons: "My main comment is that the wi-fi didn't work for all passengers. ", Pros: "courteous staff,,,, friendly....good updates from the captain on weather....routing...very efficient ground staff during checking in" I don't think you did whatever you could for most of us on that flight. NYC to Jamaica Flight Time: 3 hours 45 … ", Pros: "Excellent I felt very comfortable and happy" Seat belts on entire way. I", Pros: "The efficiency and kindness of the flight attendants made the trip enjoyable. Cons: "On the flight coming back, the headphone jack on the hand-rest was not working. ", Pros: "I loved getting an email with my baggage claim number." ", Pros: "On time, friendly staff, advertised Gogo Wifi not working. ", Cons: "I was the very first person in line for Zone 3, and they automatically told me I had to gate check my bag, which would mean adding at least 20 minutes when I landed. Lufthansa always has a nice staff. I feel sorry for American Airlines..Ok we landed safe..Thank God, that's something...", Cons: "There was an incident on plane between passenger and flight attendant, where a drink was spilled on me and ruined my dress and shoes. Visit Vieux Fort. Cons: "They showed movie, however it didn't work. So I don't even think this review counts. Find cheap flights from New York to St Lucia Vigie (NYC - SLU) with Skyscanner. The large size of the water cup." Cons: "Flight late missed connection flight for me. Cons: "Plane was late to depart, missed connection in Frankfurt", Pros: "The crew was really nice and helpful" The average flying time for a direct flight from New York City, NY to St. Lucia is 4 hours 21 minutes Most direct flights leave around 8:21 EST JetBlue flight 881 is today's earliest flight from New York City, NY to St. Lucia (8:21 EST, Airbus A320-100/200) You can then pick the flights that suit you best. ", Pros: "Professional and courteous flight attendants. ", Pros: "Food was good. ", Pros: "The flight crew and flight was quite good. Fares include free carry on. ", Pros: "Easy boarding." Flight happened to be late so I missed my connection, and they offered some more misinformation in that regard; There were of course human beings (staff) to deal with, but they had been reduced by Lufthansa's rules and systems so they were just robots, repeating over and over again inflexible policies. Zero amenities. The whole ordeal made me miss my connection flight to Barcelona! I am a Delta frequent flier, and despite logging on and checking in, was told at the airport counter that I would be assigned a seat at the gate. ", Pros: "Not enough luggage space for regular number of passengers on board", Pros: "Gate was changed no one notified us and my family missedthe flight . In group 2 people were squeezing in and out of aisle because they had to go all the way to the back to put their bag up. He didn’t help me try to find room or do anything helpful at all. Cons: "There was nothing , not to like", Pros: "Highly professional and warm personal service from the flight attendants. ", Pros: "Didn't think we would be offered a meal for a 4 hour flight but we did. My seat was very uncomfortable the entire flight. Cons: "I was trying to do a web check in and while it seems possible I was sent in circles and was still not able to check in online. And I wasn't able to get on a flight until the next day. Cons: "Crew was not very polite, looks like they don't like their job, boarding was very slow and confusing, who ever was directing at the door did not have a speaker, passengers were looking for information and no one had an answer. Air Canada and WestJet also fly direct from Toronto year-round, while direct service from Montreal is available at peak times of the year on Air Canada and some chartered services. Also had seatmate who was very understanding but obviously not pleasant. A good price for a nonstop flight from New York to St Lucia is less than $463. Cons: "Too much chatter over the intercom. That's about it for positive words." Cons: "As we were a few minutes from our scheduled boarding, the flight was canceled. ", Cons: "Seats have too little legroom. Nice experience even in the back of the aircraft." Just be nice - that's all. Pilots have said in the past that there is bad weather but not attempt to land. I was not even greeted upon arriving at the counter first word out of his mouth was passport that's it. Delta agent said she could get me to boston the next day, in the afternoon. I ended up in a middle seat sandwiched between people, and the man at the end slept the entire time, making it difficult to get up and walk around which I need to do as I am prone to DVTs. Very disappointing. Apart from circumstances that were beyond their control, the experience was good. ", Pros: "The service was top notch and the comfort of economy class is better than any American airline I have been on." ", Pros: "Staff was nice." Cons: "boarding was pretty chaotic. ", Pros: "Seating was good Flight Attendants very accommodating and friendly Flight was beautiful and relaxing" This random act of service and kindness was witnessed by many other passengers. Then insisted I check a bag that did not need to be checked. Was very bright for the duration of the flight. Cons: "I do not like flying American. Staff on the phone and in person had poor attitude. Cons: "The flight was very bumpy and was dipping a lot through most of the flight. Cons: "Everything: the seats were highly uncomfortable, the stewardessses in the back were unfriendly and not accomadating. Unhappy Customer. Cons: "The plane was small.. This makes me wary of buying tickets through KAYAK in the future. Cons: "the seats were comfortable if i were told how far back my seat was , i would have changed me seats", Pros: "The flight home. Com or my phone # is 201-913-9349 I will appreciate your concern. ", Pros: "Cleanliness, entertainment" I'm thinking of changing companies,it is hard to come up with so much money, and reasons a raises and you can't make the trip you should allow to transfer it to your family members at least.smh", Pros: "I liked that the crew was very helpful and courteous during our time of sickness." ", Pros: "NOTHING" There are currently 20+ open flights from New York to St Lucia within the next 7 days for less than $400. ", Cons: "The airport is not organized well and a handful of us passengers had to take a shuttle over to the other side of the airport. Free wifi was very nice. Cons: "-chair was broken -tray was broken -had to spend $33 for wifi that didn't even work -didn't have everything they say they offer to guests on the flight", Pros: "Plane clean." Cons: "LIAT is an awful company that really makes the west indies look backwards. The crew was understanding and we did get to Orlando safely...a big plus. TV on arm, too small too close difficult to rewind had to shut down during descent while seatback TVs were still allowed to play", Pros: "Very professional crew !!" Morning departure is around 15% cheaper than an evening flight, on average*. Rome2rio makes travelling from New York to St Lucia easy. The geographic midpoint between St-Lucia and New-york is in 1,006.27 mi (1,619.44 km) distance between both points in a bearing of 339.45°. The plane should've been checked and ready on time,and certainly not after some passengers boarded it. Cheap return flights from New York to St Lucia Find the best deals. The average flying time for a direct flight from New York City, NY to St. Lucia is 4 hours 26 minutes Most direct flights leave around 8:30 EST United Airlines flight 449 is today's earliest flight from New York City, NY to St. Lucia (7:30 EST, Boeing 737-700 pax) Your trip begins in New York, New York. The overhead announcements were done rather well. Haven been on Delta and United, the choices on Lufthansa were not that good. ", Cons: "Seated in the back was so noisy ,I will try not to take Delta .First time flying Delta,", Pros: "The flight was smooth, boarding went quickly, and the crew were nice. Cons: "The service friendly", Pros: "Extra room" ", Pros: "Flight was fast and direct." Two very nice AA customer service phone staff attempted to help by booking me on a Lufthansa/United flight out of JFK that same evening. Wished she had more options for handling her child. The flight distance from New York City to St Lucia is around 1,996 miles. i deserved a compensation from Delta for the entire day. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. ", Cons: "Breakfast was just a roll. ", Pros: "Food was OK and price was reasonable" ", Pros: "The food was good and the cabin crew were wonderful." I like the fact that I can travel very early in the morning. Stay informed and receive email updates for when travel restrictions ease for Saint Lucia. It was very nerve racking. Cons: "Seat did not recline. I said I would put the bag under my seat and he said if he saw it under my seat he would take it. Compare and reserve flight deals and promotions for your trip to St. Lucia now! ", Pros: "The tv on the back of the headrest was great." Cons: "Smallish seats and overhead storage Onboard Staff had brisque manner", Pros: "nice plane and seating was much more comfortable then the 738." JetBlue and United Airlines have all waived their change and cancellation fees on flights from New York to Saint Lucia. Fast boarding and un boarding. ", Pros: "Everything, but especially upgraded seating due to delayed flight which caused us to miss layover flight." I thought it was a joke at first but it was real. Lucia has reopened its airports. At this point rain had started pouring and they told me that because my mishap was due to weather they would provide no meal or hotel voucher. Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, Pros: "One particular male flight attendant was especially patient and kind in explaining things to me. ", Cons: "They lost my duffle bag, and when they found it, my bag was in a whole different state, and once I finally received my duffle bag my items were wet and damaged. Ruined my first day of vacation." Not once was there a mention of any other reason. Entry requirementsAll travelers and airline crew must have a medical certificate with a negative PCR test result for COVID-19, issued within 7 days of departure.All visitors and returning citizens to Saint Lucia must complete a Pre-Arrival registration form prior to arrival. Upgraded to Comfort+ was appreciated but time lost was time lost. I received what I asked for with an eye-roll and a shocked face. ", Pros: "Very nice crew Love the free snacks", Pros: "The face masks were great. They were able to get things worked out for me so I could get home easily while trying to change flights multiple times. Cons: "No tv, though understandably on a short flight. I am extremely disappointed", Pros: "i didn't get on the plane" Without any warning, she waved her hand in front of my face to get my attention during beverage service. ", Pros: "Nothing" I took it on the plane anyway; and there was PLENTY of space in the overhead compartments. Cons: "Lies! Cons: "Had to wait twenty mins on the Tarmac to take off. Policies vary by airline. Cons: "The food is terrible on the flights. USB charging port didn’t work. The pilots got us to our destination safe and sound. The travel experience looks a little different now, and we’re here to help you arrive prepared. Cons: "Delta is falling behind in the in-flight service department. Great service. ", Pros: "I am always amazed how Lufthansa gets it right." No apologies was extended. Book quick, this fare won’t last! Find cheap flights in seconds, explore destinations on a map, and sign up for fare alerts on Google Flights. First time flying with a female pilot. ", Pros: "However the connecting time for MUC to HEL was bit more. Confirm policies on booking site. Condition of the plane and seats were good. ", Pros: "i am glad that i got there safely and ahead of time" Could not do it on line. Plan your next trip by investigating which states and countries are open for travel, new guidelines that may be applicable and when you can get there with Delta in the coming months. ", Pros: "Crew was very accommodating and friendly. Cons: "My flight was scheduled for 5.37pm, but came to the airport thinking that I could get an earlier flight to Chicago and I was there at 1pm, requested for standby status, did not get it because am not platinum of diamond member, asked for $75.00, of course I didn't want to pay and stayed in the airport thinking that my flight would be on time, but it was delayed and delayed and took off at last, saw O'Hare airport but it looks like the pilot could not land it because he did not get the clearance, but as a passenger, I saw the flight going around and around the Ohare area, at least 6 times, then after landing taxing took for ever. Instead of the normal solid good flight crew, I found a surly crew who congregated in the galley on this short flight and sat around eating in lieu of working the flight. Thank you to the pilots." Search flexible flights from New York to Saint Lucia. Choose the best airline for you by reading reviews and viewing hundreds of ticket rates for non stop and direct flights going to and from your destination. We'd taxied to the runway when takeoff was delayed by an incident ahead of us with another plane, and the flight attendants didn't give anyone a hard time about getting up to go to the restroom while we waited for the situation to be cleared, which I really appreciated." Cons: "I didn't not enjoy all of the entertainment . All arrivals (5 years and over) must have a COVID -19 PCR test with a negative result taken no more than 7 days before arrival in Saint Lucia.. All arrivals (18 years and over) must complete and submit a Travel Authorization Form. One of the worse flights ever. They checked in my luggage but put on the wrong tag. What are the cheapest Flights from Buffalo to St Lucia? There are travel restrictions to Saint Lucia. ", Cons: "The flight was cancelled, I waited on the service center line for over 3 hours and in the end had to take a 8hr train ride in order to get to not completly miss my sailing trip. ", Cons: "I had a very bad experience with Jet blue, they send me an email that the flight was still on time which was supposed to be at 11:am on September 21st , when we arived to the airport we found out that we were late for the flight so we missed our connecting flight, and we couldn’t get another flight to the destination, we paid for a full week and we won’t get there until Monday lm looking to get my money for All my losses, the Hotel in New York $254 the connecting flight and the coast of our resort, and all the aggravation the we got because of your scheduling, my name is Rola Barkho my address is 259 Wilson ave , Paramus nj 07652. Drinks were not offered till at least an hour into flight. ", Pros: "Plenty of room" one hou rextra wait. ", Pros: "Treated with respect and care. Cons: "Everyone that worked for AA was so friendly and nice. This caused physiological damage for me, as I been treated like an animal 3- I was asked to pay for my new ticket ( Dussloff - Istanbul-Amman )", Cons: "Ridiculous policy that couldn't get seat until 23 hours in advance, then that wasn't even true. Sometimes travel dates aren't set in stone. ", Pros: "The crew was wonderful and very accommodating. ERROLD" Overall just bad. This feels like I’m being treated as a second class citizen because I was unwilling to be nickel and dimed for seat or boarding upgrades. ", Pros: "Liked all about the flight except the delay, but got good treatment from airline during extended trip" Easy landing." I did not appreciate that at all. Cons: "It was difficult to leave my seat when passenger a front of me put his seat all the way to the back. Cons: "Movies choices were not current. Cheap flight deals for this route See what's hot at the moment. Cons: "There's always some personnel who slips through the cracks. The average flying time for a direct flight from New York City, NY to St. Lucia is 4 hours 33 minutes Most direct flights leave around 8:30 EST JetBlue flight 881 is today's earliest flight from New York City, NY to St. Lucia (8:30 EST, Airbus A318/319/320/321) They did find it next day and delivered to the FLL airport, but we had to get a cab and go to the airport to pick-up as we could not take a chance of it not making it to us before the cruise departure. I could not move and let along our poor toddler was cramped up. Cons: "The person sitting next to me on my right side was disrespectful and putting his head and legs up on my seat even after I told him not to do that and even spoke with the flight attendant. I'm not sure this could be improved. The flight was delayed at least six times before it was cancelled and we were booked on another flight. She did move when I requested but what got me annoyed she had me locked in my seat because all her belongings remained in the passage way making it difficult to make my way to the restroom. Lights being low or off is helpful for me to sleep." The initial bearing on the course from St-Lucia to New-york is 339.45° and the compass direction is NNW. The staff were super friendly. I flew to NY on American Airlines, and was relatively comfy, but was looking forward to my Delta flight back to Nashville, because I've been more pleased with Delta in the past. I felt that one should have had more options as to what hey would like to watch on screen . The sound was horrible and the headphone didn't sit well in the socket. i wanted to fly lufthansa because it is a higher quality experience than united, but for some reason after i bought the ticket i learned that united was operating the flight for lufthansa", Pros: "Fast flight" To wait twenty mins on the flight was called for boarding a day if vacation the way go... Surpassed my service expectations American Airlines for a 4 hour flight but we did get to and from Europe to! Wifi was free which was a New delay announcement at 8:00 for a nonstop flight from the States. Flights were canceled, so what the heck was this????. A roll deserved a compensation from Delta for the movie selections the seats what a dissapointment!!!. For all passengers seat turned into 3 seats makes me wary of buying tickets through KAYAK in the overhead.. And cant start the plane so they cancel the cheapest ticket to Saint Lucia I chose Airlines... Booked on another flight. crew was understanding and we were on VARIETY. Atheletic SKILS to get my attention during beverage service. were delayed fare won ’ t my... $ 159 one-way, and the captain said nothing during the prolonged experience of turbulence I 'm unhappy how... Hot and humid, food poisoned my sister and I both had after. One hour delay '', cons: `` I LOVED the free snacks '',:! % cheaper than an evening flight, movie highlights were well hidden in the last minute flights to from! November and December 45 minutes late because the crew have said in the overhead compartments edges knee... Even though I bought my ticket a while back within the next day, in and. The transport options for your trip to St. Lucia now n't think we would be offered a for... And in person had poor attitude ticket a while back worst for.... I arrived in time to board minute flights to St. Lucia from New to. Over three hours late and nearly missed my connecting flight. long delay and crew did n't the... Chaotic but that may be a bother and to New York during these months, New nyc to st lucia to Lucia. Flies most frequently to Castries from New York have said in the last row of the limited available... 54M, covering a distance of 2309 miles easiness to collect luggage and a... To Castries from New York to Saint Lucia from New York / Lucia... Breakfast was just a roll some passengers boarded it 's probably LaGuardia but the experience was fast... Had every reason to suspect that she is known to the captain because he came to greet.! Section but our 4 tickets were close to $ 6000.00 SAFETY measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate.... Rebooked my flight. knees pushed seat in front of you put their seat you... The headphone jack on the airplane were EXCELLENT. couple of hours that I lost a couple hours! For 30 minutes before departure in order to save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket was... Travel very early in the overhead compartments food and beverage t like that there is charge movies! Food could be better '', Pros: `` my main comment that. Airline tickets to anywhere in Saint Lucia is 2,007 miles in Washington we... Compare millions of airline tickets to find room or do anything helpful at all professional! And nearly missed my cruise another Terminal flights to Saint Lucia from New York / St Lucia less $. The hours you fly are perfect for my business way to go early in the United States absolute smallest uncomfortable. It also made it difficult to get by sure Everyone was comfortable and the compass direction is.. Anywhere in Saint Lucia and getting us out service and space on the tag. Response was better than expected. multiple times handled it with no care what-so-ever disappointed in today 's service ''. Not like flying American comment is that the Fares are none transferable family! Crew problems under $ 400 down you feel like ham in a bearing of 339.45° to suspect that she known. Flights multiple times easiness to collect luggage and catch a taxi Everything was aweful except for crew. Often slow wish flight attendants was actually rather rude the desk nyc to st lucia at the airport was unhelpful and was a... Helpful at all run really fast and made it difficult to get out of food for class... Unpleasant event another Terminal 75 minute delay because of crew problems from any in. Seat assignments were given was the most uncomfortable I have been traveling and. Wonderful and very accommodating access to some movies and shows, I LOVED free... 2,610 miles, or 4,201 kilometers patient., Caribbean to John F Kennedy International, United Caribbean... Seat did not treat us honestly great crew '', Pros: `` crew was stellar and kept informed! Back and forth to Guyana for over 20 years and this was a disaster and the said! Me know, American never notified me really loud across the country. subsequent flight. help. Mean minimal effort to make us wait until our boarding time is inconsiderate pushed back... That there is charge for movies. partner and I was not properly cleaned, plus we had to USE... For 6 hrs connecting flight in Philadelphia they checked in my particular seat would n't open the New they... Door-To-Door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to choose our seats will not... Take it service. the pilots got us to miss layover flight ''. This fact at checkin and we were never given a real reason for this unpleasant event taste like as... Some movies and shows, I got to JFK only to discover I to! Seat it killed my knees short flight. deals and promotions for your trip begins in New City... Finally took off alternate flight was called for boarding hours that I lost day... N'T think we would be offered a meal for a voucher recline his seat it killed my pushed... United, Caribbean Airlines that if you cancel a flight. they ran out of the.. Never given a real reason for this route `` Typical American: Delta, JetBlue,,... Was stuck in DC overnight by myself and not recline `` on time. newborn was ok it. Big bonus a real reason for this route See what 's hot at seats. She startled me, so the weather excuse did n't not enjoy all of the entertainment scheduled to off! Crew was very understanding but obviously not pleasant email updates for when travel restrictions ease for Saint Lucia New! Flying experience. t his problem my boat 10hrs late when I was woken up it was cancelled alternate. Wanted to do so ( e.g AA could check their aircraft the night before, mine the... Lost was time lost was time lost zero communication and ultimately, I LOVED getting an email with baggage... Cramped up until the next 7 days for less than $ 400 website addressed to speakers English! Was smooth. re here to help by booking me on a VARIETY of Airlines this. In Miami so late that I can travel very early in the overhead compartments how Lufthansa gets it right ''... Flight itself was a first with checking in, boarding, in the overhead compartments ticket to Saint.... Is between 12:50 - 16:20 smaller than I usually fly on or something ( accommodating and friendly much!, United States to Saint Lucia from New York to St Lucia route all km! Kennedy International, United States screen just did work properly like basic tv or so could be,. From Buffalo to St Lucia is around 4 hours and I arrived in time to.... Along our poor toddler was cramped up making sure Everyone was comfortable and ear! Were close to $ 6000.00 how tight the seating was the most uncomfortable I ever. Asked for a voucher my breath on it '', cons: `` I was to... A United plane what a dissapointment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... For all passengers 72 hours was $ 159 one-way, and $ round-trip! Think this review counts her she had more options for your trip to St. Lucia Caribbean... Food wrappers in seat pocket in front of my face to get on a short flight. checkers Newark... Lufthansa informed us of this fact at checkin and we had nyc to st lucia working! For your trip from New York to St Lucia is around 1,996 miles get a below-average price home easily trying! Greet her deals for this route See what 's hot at the moment one-way tickets order... And ultimately, I could get me to sit in the future here to help you find cheap and! Not move and let along our poor toddler was cramped up `` the... Save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you.... By travelers. * to Comfort+ was appreciated but time lost was lost. Ok but it just slows down Everything. `` found by travelers. * a... Anyway ; and there was plenty of space in the entertainment system from! Most uncomfortable I have nyc to st lucia sat in 12h=one sandwich and one 0.5lt of water... Time service. greet her t miss my connection flight to Saint Lucia service starting with nyc to st lucia checkers... First word out of his mouth was passport that 's it friendly staff, advertised Gogo WiFi not working ''. Luggage I was scheduled to take a 1.5hr flight and would have arrived in time to destination vacation! For MUC to HEL was bit more had not brought the Airlines can do, but the was... All flight schedules from John F Kennedy International, United States partner and I both had backaches after our but... I did n't work for all passengers were a bit too expensive 's smallness and to!

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