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what meat goes with baked potatoes

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what meat goes with baked potatoes

Linda Larsen is a journalist, quick-cooking and slow-cooking expert, and accomplished cookbook author with over 30 years of experience in testing and developing recipes. Some can be made at the last minute while others take a little time. Nothing says summer quite like freshly-grilled meat slathered in BBQ sauce. But have you ever made BBQ chicken with just barbecue sauce, even marinating for hours only for it to taste ho-hum? Barbecue is the quintessential summer dish. Follow how Chungah at Damn Delicious makes her roasted leg of lamb and you can’t go wrong! It takes time to prepare but is easier than you think and will steal your meaty heart away with every bite. With a few key seasonings you’ve likely got in your spice cabinet, you’ll be on your way to a fully-baked meal. When the juice from the beef touches your baked potato, you will be whisked away to meat paradise. Looking for delicious topping ideas and cooking tips for the perfect fluffy baked potato? Feel free to experiment with different concoctions within your twice baked potatoes. Now let’s get back to meaty options to serve with your baked potatoes. While Meatloaf himself might disagree that meatloaf the dinner should be served with baked potatoes, we’re all for it. And sometimes, you really need something light like that to foot the bill for dinner. That’s why mashed potatoes go so well with barbecue. Using something that keeps it moist like sour cream or butter (or both!) Sommer from A Spicy Perspective has a wonderful recipe to get you going. More on this later…. One thing we love to serve with baked potatoes is a classic barbecue chicken on the grill. Aren’t they the side? This incredible savory pot roast recipe uses an entire 5-ounce jar of horseradish! buying them in the months of September and October yields the best potatoes of all. Portobello mushrooms taste heavenly on their own and will make for a great meatless main dish to serve with baked potatoes. Another equally well-paired protein to go with mashed potatoes is chicken. Brussels Sprouts with Meyer Lemon and Pomegranate. Since broccoli cheese soup is comforting and baked potatoes are too, it’s like going to one of those soup and salad places for a lighter dinner. roasted or grilled meat or chicken is especially nice,,,or meatloaf, even. We all love our comfort food and theres nothing better than a warm baked potato covered with your fav… It looks so divine, so utterly upscale. Coat this pork roast with mustard and herbs, then slow cook it with potatoes and carrots. baked potatoes are litle a little black dress. Plus, you can even “bake” those potatoes in foil on the grill. You are in the right place. Load ’em as they say – hence their other name: loaded baked potato. If you love watching cooking shows, perhaps you love Chef Gordon Ramsay as much as we do. And in … We’re talking about the classic dinner dish that everyone’s mom makes better than everyone else’s mom. So you can have them ready for a dinner party or even just stash a supply of them in your freezer for any weeknight you feel like having some stuffed potatoes. There’s nothing like fall-off-the-bone, juicy, tender, melt-in-your-mouth pork or beef rib meat. But if the TWB are the main, then you should serve them with vegetables or maybe a great soup! Michael Powell / Stockbyte / Getty Images. In this tasty list, we’re going with meals you can serve baked potatoes with so you can plan on using up that potato bounty and pair it well. Plus, it makes eating all your veggies really easy. Besides, serving mac n’ cheese with baked potatoes would be too much starch and a total carb-overload. IMO any meat can pair with sweet potatoes. That’s heaven on a plate. Take mashed potatoes out of the sidelines and into the spotlight by incorporating them into your main dish. We’re starting off with steak because, well, it is the top choice when you need some hearty fare to go with your baked potatoes. From there, you can employ many methods of making the insides for your twice baked potatoes. All you'll need to finish off this recipe is some crusty bread and dessert. In case you’ve never had the pleasure of eating a twice baked potato, it is, as the name implies, a potato that has been baked twice. Baked potato with broccoli and cheddar Lauren Salkeld. Want another southern homestyle meal to serve with baked potatoes? Instead, place the oiled potatoes directly on your oven racks to bake. Make this hearty slow cooker Irish stew with Ontario potatoes for a stick-to-your-ribs, heart warming kind of dinner. Roasted leg of lamb is the kind of dish you serve to impress company. Beef wellington can easily be prepped in advance to make it less stressful when prepping for a dinner party. Another epicurean delight that comes up when what to serve with baked potatoes is on your mind is roasted leg of lamb. For any steak you choose, check out this video by The Stay At Home Chef on how to cook any steak perfectly, every time! Potatoes are good any time of the year with fall being when they truly come into season. Well honestly I love cheesy potato anything, and what I have found works best for a "Meat" for it would be pork of some kind. And it is, because it’s made with Chateaubriand wrapped in puff pastry. If you want something that goes with baked potatoes, look no further than pork tenderloin cut into savory medallions and loving wrapped in more pork in bacon-form. But now you can make up for all that lost time by following this super simple and tasty recipe by Wendie at Butter Your Biscuit! Now if you do want to go the vegan route here, check out our ideas for vegan baked potato toppings. Make a meal out … It’s easy to play around with seasonings to give it the kind of flavors you want. We’re talking about twice baked potatoes! Baked potatoes are a traditional accompaniment to a big, juicy steak, but pair them with chicken, meatloaf, and pork as well. What’s nice about this main dish to serve with your baked potatoes though is that it looks elegant yet it’s completely easy to make. Sprinkle with cheese; continue baking … Yum. How to Cook Steak Perfectly Every Time | The Stay At Home Chef, How to Make Homemade Meatloaf from Scratch: Easy Meatloaf Recipe! This might be where Homer Simpson comes in drooling with an iconic, “Mmmm…bacon.”. Looking for new dinner recipes? 12 slices bacon . It requires more effort on your part, but the rewards are worth it. The great thing about steak is that it’s such a versatile choice. Italian pizza crust, potato, potato, chopped fresh chives, olive oil and 4 more Loaded Baked Potato Quiche Lemon-Sugar cooked bacon, potatoes, fresh … Vegetarian . Honestly, it only looks intimidating. Avoid serving baked potatoes with other starchy dishes, such as rice or pasta. Well, twice baked potatoes would traditionally be seen as the side TO something else - such as a nice steak. 2/3 cup margarine . Potatoes just go with meat beautifully and it doesn’t matter if they’re mashed or baked. Go Southwest Marinated Pork Tenderloin Pork. You can have this meaty hash brown potato casserole in the oven in about 10 minutes because it calls for just six ingredients. But, because it’s so rich and decadent, you’ll need something starchy to balance those flavors out. A make-ahead vegetarian side dish that's high in fibre and provides a good source of vitamin C 1 hr and 30 mins . Barbecue. Now you know the basics. • Bake the potato for one hour or until tender. You can even make it in the crockpot, which only requires about 5 minutes of your attention until you let the crockpot take over. So what kind of simple meat recipe would go well with a side of potato bake? Then combine it with smoky baked beans, steaming corn on the cob, or a tangy potato salad. Nobody whines about pairing sweet peas or glazed carrots with beef, lamb, chicken, etc. Savoury: pecans, maple sugar, and rich meats such as pork, duck, ham, and poultry Other: butter, cream, rum, brown sugar, maple sugar/syrup, honey . Shepherd's Pie was originally created to use up leftovers. We could never forget about you! It’s a fabulous main dish, one that is properly prestigious and offered at some of the finest restaurants around the world. They’re earthy yet meaty, making for a totally satisfying main dish. While many people wrap the potatoes in foil, this is not necessary and prevents the potato skins from crisping up. If you have some potatoes on hand, turn to these comfort-food recipes for tonight's dinner. 7 cups milk . What Goes with Potato Soup: A List of Delish Dishes. It's simple to make and tastes incredibly good. Now that you know what to serve with baked potatoes, you can turn even a weeknight meal into a gourmet experience! So if you’re having guests for dinner, consider this one for show. They’re loaded with nutrients which many people tend to overlook since they focus on the carb aspect of them, but pair baked fish with a lemony, buttery sauce and baked potatoes and you’ll have a winning team! Whether it’s a holiday, a Sunday dinner, or a special occasion, serving baked potatoes with roasted leg of lamb will be a phenomenal pairing. Especially if you’ve loaded up on pounds and pounds of potatoes from the farmer’s market and want to use them up. Just five ingredients in your crock pot make a wonderful and flavorful hearty dinner. But wait a minute…what to serve with baked potatoes? … The mild flavor of scalloped potatoes goes well with most meats, but especially with beef, which has a stronger flavor than plain chicken. Shepherd's pie, for example, consists of ground meat – lamb or hamburger – sautéed with chopped vegetables and seasoning, topped with mash and baked until golden brown. A comforting cheesy potato bake is the perfect accompaniment to a hearty meat dish in winter 1 hr and 45 mins . This is a great one for a casual weekend dinner with friends and family, one that is destined to be a hit. You can’t go into any steakhouse worth its salt and not have the option to add a baked potato to your meal. In fact, sometimes that simplicity in toppings is what we craved. Keep reading for 15 simple dinner recipes that start with potatoes. Here’s another meat-free dish to serve with baked potatoes. A green salad with creamy dressing completes the meal. Baked potato soup. Oh, right. Get our free cookbook when you sign up for our newsletter. It’s made with cube steak but fried up like chicken. Sure, you can always find this go-to staple in the supermarket, but for the freshest tastes (and best prices!) Sweet potato & parsnip bake. I'll only have a couple of hours since I get home from school at 4-30ish and dinner is usually 5-30ish to 6-30ish and I want to keep it within the time. You’ll mash this together along with other things (bacon and scallions are common choices), stuff the mixture into the halved potatoes and bake again. And if you’re having a barbecue or a large family gathering, making baked potatoes for a crowd is easy, but topping them can be tricky. Just put them in little bitty bowls, like the chefs do on TV. We love the recipe that Krista has on Joyful Healthy Eats because she’s got a horseradish sauce to go with it and that wins everything. ​. Or maybe roasted chicken or pork tendeloin. Tender pork chops bake in a creamy, cheesy potato mixture with this one-dish meal. Setting up a baked potato bar is the perfect solution. Now that we’ve covered main dishes from casual to fancy that you can serve with your baked potatoes, the time has come to discuss what you should put on your baked potato. Yeah, well that won’t happen if you steal some tricks from Carrian and Cade over at Oh Sweet Basil who have barbecued chicken on the grill down to a science! Christin at Spicy Southern Kitchen truly has one of the cheesiest recipes we’ve ever seen (and we mean cheesy in the best way possible!). It is first baked and then set to cool so you don’t play a game of hot potato with yourself in the kitchen. I make sure to include potatoes always in my grocery list every week. Try cauliflower and cheese, as in the mac n’ cheese of vegetables. really helps. Then, we’ll turn the tables and see how a baked potato can become the main dish and invites plenty of flavor and ingredient combos to the plate (or bowl). They’re so easy you could’ve been making your own this whole time. Add raw potato chunks to stews and hearty soups for the last 20 minutes of cooking. With some eggplant and … It mellows into a slightly sweet and savory coating on the tender and juicy meat during the long cooking time. Dinner just isn't dinner for many people unless it includes some combination of meat and potatoes. Whether you’re strictly meatless or you like having meatless meals a few days a week, what to serve with baked potatoes that is meatless is very easy…portobello mushrooms! Hey meatless friends! That's what comes to mind. Use cooked potatoes in quiches, meat pies, omelets, soups and salads. White meats and mashed potatoes. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, 20 Best Recipes Using Yukon Gold Potatoes, 20 Essential Potato Recipes You Need to Know, 54 Dinner Casserole Recipes for Easy Family Meals, 20 Side Dishes You Can Easily Make in a Crock Pot, 16 Easy Casseroles to Make for Dinner Tonight, 18 Easy Recipes That Call for Canned Soup, 16 Delicious Vegetarian Casserole Recipes. Loaded baked potato calories can run from the low one-hundreds to 1,000 calories or more. These easy and hearty recipes all use Like beef wellington, it’s a show-stopper and certainly not something you’d trot out on any ordinary night of the week. It’s not vegan, but it is a meatless offering that can lighten up your weekly menu a bit, save for the cheese, which in our opinion, is totally worth it. Easy . 8 ratings 4.3 out of 5 star rating. As wonderful as baked potatoes are though, there is something else you can do with all those baking potatoes that looks really fancy and tastes amazing. The Spruce Eats uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. And yes let the calorie fest begin should you want to go crazy. Anything goes, though do keep in mind that while you need to let them cool enough to handle, you should never let them go cold before you prepare the potato filling. There’s nothing wrong with either of these ways to eat a baked potato. Simply adding a pat of butter and a few shakes of salt and pepper might be enough for some people. You can substitute your favorite meats, cheese, spices, herbs, and vegetables for the ones in these recipes to make them your own. Now let’s round up those spuds and hone those knives, because we’ve got some great recipes to start cooking up beside your favorite potato soup. Bake 1 hour 10 min. You should also remember that using something that adds moisture is important or else the filling will taste dry, and no one wants a potato that has the texture of sawdust inside. or until meat mixture is cooked through. You might be surprised how a “baker” can go from being a secondary partner at the dinner table, to the main event. To bake potatoes, scrub them, rub them with a little vegetable oil, pierce them with a fork and toss them in a hot oven to bake until tender. You will be surprised what side dish complements a hot potato soup and makes a simple dinner a hit!

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