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species diversity slideshare

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species diversity slideshare

Species richness is a term which is used to measure the biodiversity of a given site. Species diversity is a measure of the diversity within an ecological community that incorporates both species richness (the number of species in a community) and the evenness of species' abundances. In the deep sea, species diversity varies geographically and bathymetrically 1-3 , and may attain levels that rival tropical communities 4 . This is because of their genetic individuality. The good climate with good physical geography supports a better species diversity. Genetic diversity is defined as genetic variability present within species. Genetic diversity is the product of recombination of genetic material in the process of inheritance. Species diversity is determined not only by the number of species within a biological community—i.e., species richness—but also by the relative abundance of individuals in that community. Sexual reproduction is important in maintaining genetic diversity as it gives unique offspring by combining genes of parents. More complicated measures, which take into account the relative abundance of the species, have been derived from information theory or from parameters of statistical distributions fitted to the census data. UNDERSTANDING the processes that generate and maintain patterns of species diversity is a major focus of contemporary ecological and evolutionary research. Species diversity is one component of the concept of biodiversity Saurabh, Reg No:- SPECIES DIVERSITY ' It describes the variety in the number and abundance of the species within a region ' To accurately determine species diversity, both the species richness, which is the number of different species, and the relative abundance, which is the number of individuals within each species, must be considered The species richness depends largely on climatic conditions. For instance, every human is unique in their physical appearance. Species diversity is defined as the number of species and abundance of each species that live in a particular location. Species Diversity: According to Biological Species Concepts (BSC), species is a basic unit of classification and is defined as a group of similar organisms that interbreed with one another and produce offspring’s and share a common lineage. Species diversity depends as much on the genetic diversity as on the environmental condition. A widely used dominance index is Simpson’s diversity index. Genetic diversity is the diversity or variability within species, community or assemblage. 1. ADVERTISEMENTS: Brief outlines of the two types of diversity indices of biodiversity are discussed in this article. Dominance Indices: Dominance indices are weighted toward the abundance of the commonest species. The two types are: (1) Dominance Indices, and (2) Information-Statistic Indices. The Definitive Guide to Diversity Types in the Workplace in 2020 [updated October 2020] This is the ultimate guide to Diversity Types in the Workplace in 2020.The same guide can be applied to the society, community about all aspects of diversity.The guide I will cover: SPECIES DIVERSITY There are number of species of plants and animals that are present in a region The natural ecosystem have more number of species than man modified ecosystem It is estimated that there 1.8 million species present on the earth and many new species are being identified ... What to Upload to SlideShare SlideShare. Components of species diversity: species richness and relative abundance. As we know, every individual is unique because of their distinctive genes. It changes with time and space. Species diversity is most simply measured by counting species. It takes into account […] Colder regions support less than the warmer regions for species diversity.

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