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saanen goat fun facts

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saanen goat fun facts

These can be found from a variety of grasses, shrubs and plants. See more ideas about saanen goat, goats, dairy goats. They are then required to reach out to the company which through its team of agronomists ensure that the key first requirements are met including soil testing and the farmers are set to start organic production of the crop, a practice the company promotes since the use of synthetic fertilisers and chemicals has proven to be a turn off to most consumers. Fun facts about Angora goats; suitable for Kindergarten through Grade 6. The Saanen goat is a dairy goat breed which was originated from the Saanen Valley of Switzerland. Discover their physical characteristics, personality, milk production, preferred climate, living environment and other facts. Crepin was the chief authority on French capriculture at the time and author of influential book, La Chevre. The History of Nubian Goats. They are mostly completely white in coloration, with some individuals can have small pigmented areas on their skin. Colored Saanens are now … FarmBiz TV :Cucumbers offer fast cash route for squeezed farmers. They are mainly raised for commercial milk production like jamunapariand alpine goat. Verata Goat Characteristics, Uses & Breed Information, Spanish Goat Characteristics & Farming Information, Marwari Goat Characteristics & Farming Information. The Saanen goats have straight or somewhat concave profile. FarmBiz TV :Amaranth/Mchicha farmers raise earnings by picking weed for cash and producing seeds. In the last century they have also gained popularity as pets, pack animals, brush control for fire reduction […] FarmBiz TV:Hydroponic farming doubles yields in fast route to food security. The average milk production of a Saanen goat doe is 2545 pounds of milk per year. 6 major breeds of dairy goats: Alpine La Mancha Nubian Oberhasli Saanen Toggenburg Other breeds like Angora are used for their fine wool. See more ideas about saanen goat, goats, dairy goats. This is why we must ensure that our growers have a constant water supply for constant production process,” said Linda. The butterfat percentage is usually in the 3.5% range. The bucks are slightly larger in size than the does. While Mountain Goats have evolved to survive incredibly tough alpine conditions, the Bezoar Ibex – one of the main ancestors for domesticated goats – boasts the longest horns of any animal in relation to their body weight, and which can reach up to 1.5 metres in length. The average milk yield a year per goat is approximately 880 litres but with farmers pushing for ever greater yields, more and more goats are being forced to pump out upwards of 1,100 litres and in some cases as high as 1,800. Goats will often stand on their hind legs to reach the best part … Just like other goats, the breed is very easy to keep because they require small land, little capital, have higher prolificacy (number of litter born per kidding) and are generally hardy. FarmBiz TV : Unexploited potential of dolichos/Njahi bean. 16 Gillingham, A. Fun facts about alpine goats; suitable for Kindergarten through Grade 6. Pooled together under Pig Production and Marketing, Commercial farm turns Ugandans into agropreneurs, Kenyan middle class drives fresh juice processing, Regular soil testing informs farmers of required minerals, Farmers buying butterflies and bumble bees, Pyrethrum exports could plug the revenue hole, but Kenya still wants loans, Do you have some empty space that you would like to set up a vertical garden on? Galla goats deliver Sh40k+ each in nine months for semi-arid farmers, Kabete farmer moves into all-year, organic strawberries through vertical farming. You can also enable or disable all other cookies by following the instructions for your browser. And average live body weight of the mature bucks is between 70 and 90 kg. 6 Clutton-Brock, J., 1999. Fact sheet: Propagating and harvesting mint. Saanen goats were developed in the historic region of Saanenland and in the neighboring Simmental, both in the Bernese Oberland, in the southern part of the Canton of Bern, in western Switzerland. The goat’s placid temperament and strong milk production together with the quantities available had made the breed a popular option among goat keepers. Just like any other goats, Saanen should also be fed on balanced diets in energy, protein, minerals, vitamins and clean water when housed. Toggenburg goat facts. it’s referred to as milk queen of the goat world. Female goats are called ‘does’. The reason people just adore these goats is that of their loving, nurturing, and friendly nature. It is medium to large in size (weighing approximately 145 lbs/65kg) with rugged bone and plenty of vigor. The above picture is source from: Wikipedia. Raising goats can be a challenge but they can be fun and amusing animals to watch. For thousands of years, goats have been used for their milk, meat, hair, and skins over much of the world. Lamancha goats come with a wide variety of colors. ... while the queen of dairy goats, the Saanen, produces up to 3 liters a day for up to 265 days. attributable to its high productivity, the Saanen has since the nineteenth century been exported to several countries of the globe. Youth in Agriculture: 25-year-old consultant creates 900-farmer information network, Misdiagnosis is a perilous basis for banning crop protection, as Europe proves for us all, Farmers’ Friend: Behavioural traits to avoid in dairy cattle, Nakuru farmer giving free rabbits and cages to youth to start farming, FarmBiz TV:Low supply increases red bulb onion price to Sh120 per kilo in Mombasa, BIDCO opens books for contract farmers and feed distributors, Kenya’s deadliest goat disease costing nearly Sh1/4m per 100 goats in Turkana, FarmBiz TV:Farmer invents underground wick irrigation saving water and time for dry land farmers, Farmers’ Friend: controlling yellow sigatoka (yellowing disease) in bananas, Training farm delivers 1,000 agricultural interns a year and innovation hub, Youth take learning to the farm to earn in Coronavirus school closure, Diet is critical to cow health in weeks before calving, FarmBiz TV:Pixie fruit earns Sh600k per season, with all-year round ready market, Farmers Friend: organic remedies for early blight, FarmBiz TV:Programme drives up EA kiwi supply with farmer contracts and training, This is what the colour codes on pesticide labels mean, Taita Taveta farmer earning good money from Galla goat side venture, An acre of ginger delivers Sh250,000 profits in six months, FarmBizAfrica launches open marketplace for farmers, Farmbiz TV: Lemons ride up, with limes, on Covid health buying, Youth farmer: student gets cabbages moving on WhatsApp, Demand for boer goats outstrips local market and breeders, Eggs move to short supply after culls of hens by farmers during Covid lockdown, KCB sets out to launch 28,000 greenhouses for youth to earn a living, Search for Covid-19 immunity drives limes to 10x the price, Drip irrigation reduces water consumption for Kiambu farmer by 50 per cent, FarmBizAfrica announces vertical farming winners, Smallholders get new, professional spraying service from Sh50 a farm to ensure safe pesticide use, Glamourous photo shoots do not change the reality of Africa’s harsh pest load, Mum cuts food costs 80 % within two months by farming in Jerri cans, FarmBiz TV:Murang’a 20 macadamia delivers triple yields for farmers, FarmBiz TV:Flood irrigation triples Eggplant fruit size and income, Kikuyu resident proves vertical farming can feed urban families and create income, Artist farmers create urban farm hub from sacks and old plastic, FarmBiz TV:Nantes hybrid carrot emerges as front runner in Kenyan market, Farmers’ Friend: the inside-track on growing vanilla in Kenya, 25 Muranga farmers earn Sh20m a year from French beans through group export contract, Government and industry fast-track measures to save flower industry from EU-banned moth, FarmBiz TV:Farmer grows fast acre of okra to make Sh6k in profits a day, Counties assign ‘digital’ extension officers up to 10,000 farmers each, Kwale farmer looking to make Sh8 million a year from vanilla farming. From 1893 to 1941, 190 Toggenburg were imported. The Saanen goats are very hardy and productive animals. The Alpine goat is a domesticated goat meaning you will only find it on farms, in zoos, or as a pet. Like most goats, they test the waters to see if they can escape their enclosures, and with the ability to dig on their side, it’s just one more thing to worry about. South Korea, for instance, which in December last year gave Kenya a clean bill of health to export green bananas and broccoli to the country, imports 70 per cent of its food and in 2017, bananas were the most imported product in the country recording 834,000 tonnes, worth $1.24 billion, according to statistics released in September the same year by the South Korea Customs Service. Should prepare a proper goat farming business plan before implementing Saanen goat farming business. Their average milk production is around or up to 838 kg per lactation (264 days). The Saanen is said to carry themselves with an air of grace and dignity. Saanen Goat is the ones with the highest dairy production, which is why it is called the Holstein of the Goats. One of the most popular goat breeds today, the Nubian goat is a favored dairy goat. Jan 31, 1954. Some spots are permissible but not desirable in the show ring. Before the Sable Saanen become a registered breed or recognized as a breed on its own many a Sable Saanen were destroyed at birth due to what was seen as a defect. This email address is being protected from spambots. Video: Toggenburg Goats Breeding ← These goats have been exported to many countries around the world since the nineteenth century (mainly because of their high productivity). According to Linda Lagran, the company’s marketing officer, the company exports 50 tonnes of the bananas every month to the Middle East, Asia and European countries. Therefore, goats of the Saanen breed are widely used to obtain milk on an industrial scale. 16. A female goat is a "doe." Crazy Goat Facts 16-20. French Alpines were first imported to the United States in 1922, by Dr. Charles P. Delangle. 11. Around 1960, the breed standard was updated to include four distinct ear types. Factsheet: A-Z of posho mill types and prices. The Toggenburg was the primary of the Alpine breeds to reach britain, arriving there in 1884. Saanen goats are the largest in size, among the dairy goat breeds. They are highly milk productive and actually available throughout the world. 17. RELATED CONTENT: Former driver becomes award winning dairy goat farmer. Toggenburgs are brown, with light side stripes, while Saanens are short-haired and white or cream-colored; both breeds produce around five quarts of milk per day. So make sure all your enclosures are sturdy and prevent your goats from digging. Learn all about feeding goats, raising goats and much more! AI though is not so popular but the services can be accessed from reputed institutions like Egerton University. 2.5 million pesticides to fight army worms, Know and protect bees to improve crop yields, These bean varieties produce higher yields in North Rift Valley, Duma and Ngamia Wheat Varieties thrive in the dry areas of Kenya, How to get a fertile cow for more milk and calves, Africa’s Growth lies with Smallholder Farmers, Fact sheet on controlling Maize smut disease, Control fall armyworms with this simple procedure, Agro firm unveils poultry’s I-2 ND Vaccine, Mixed farming immune farmer from severe losses, World Vision partner with Farmers’ group to help farmers in Nyamira, WhatsApp group help farmers access farming Information, Water hyacinth provides good substrate for mushroom farming, ICIPE recognized as a global hub for bee health expertise, Grain processing plant to benefit East Africa farmers, Saleslady ventures into Onion farming to diversify her income, Kenyan Farmers to get connected to the World’s Largest Peer-to-Peer Farmer Knowledge Sharing Network, Pan-African organizations Partner for Nature and Agriculture, Murang’a farmers riding on Charentais Melon, Drying vegetables increases shelf life to over eight months, Farmer turns to short season maize to escape lethal necrosis disease, Low supply triples cabbage cost in Mombasa, Human urine best fishpond fertiliser, research says, Device saves over 60 per cent nutrient leaching loss, Cowdung stops snakes from feeding on fish, Turbo ups tractor efficiency by 30 per cent, OPINION: African governments move into race to halt armyworm catastrophe, Surrogate mother brooding increases egg laying frequency, Information can increase access to fertiliser subsidy, Tractor solves costs puzzle to smallholders, Sharing information with farmers bolsters production, A pair earns exotic birds fan over Sh30,000, Fodder offers alternatives to rising cost of commercial feeds, Easy tricks of selling the much demanded soy beans, Farmers saves over Sh30,000 with artificial insemination, More farmers certified to sell avocado in EU, MPesa eases farmers' inputs loan repayments, Africa Food Prize competition submissions closing soon, Tomato trickling into the market eases price, Increased milk yield shakes prices downwards, Uganda dominates regional agro-produce export, Rabbit urine cuts pesticide and fertiliser costs, Production plan reduces snap peas losses by 40 per cent, Russian boycott of EU products opens market for Kenyan farmers, Beans prices rise as maize remains scarce, Kenyan traders resort to Uganda for cheaper maize, Brachiaria grass rescues farmer's cow from drought, Smearing fish ponds with lime stops seepage, High yielding rust tolerant soy bean introduced into Kenya, Food fortification offers amaranth seeds market, Towns offering double prices for fresh peas, Farmers ordering tractor services by phone, Packaging honey earns student more profits, Covering maize with bags reduces bird invasion, Plant extracts show positive results in containing fall armyworm, Experts meet in Nairobi to solve fall armyworm menace in Africa, Pineapple export market is wide for Kenya, Towns beat Nairobi in agro-produce prices, Maize price may remain high with worm invasion, Trenches save surface run-off water for semi-arid irrigation, Prioritise agriculture for development, Africa governments urged, Charcoal chicks brooder for off the grid farmers, Kisii farmer manages dairy cows from Meru via mobile phone, Mombasa paying highest prices for agro-produce, African agribusiness stakeholders to meet in continental conference, New icipe facility to offer cheaper fruit-fly pesticide, It is one irrigation in two months with polythene mulching, Avocado farmers to earn more from EU in April, Cotton farmers to earn more as shortage bites, Some 23,000 potato farmers to access markets, Tractor weeds a maize and potato acre for Sh200, Prison officer makes beauty products from beeswax, Farmer buys a cow from solar irrigation savings, Taming avocado pests eases entry into EU market, Farmer's Choice offers constant pig market, Chinese Mango Festival offers Kenya export market, New tomato variety resists leaf curl virus and wilting, Cassava flour company offers farmers market, Mulching helps farmer avoid drought effects, Routine chicks vaccination boots survival, Farmpro youths offer farmers production and marketing solutions, Month-old chicks more profitable than day old, Introduce new feeds gradually to avoid stressing chicken, Stored fodder gives farmer milk during drought, Supplier makes over Sh50,000 weekly as demand for vegetables surges, Bantams are cheap profitable birds to rear, Spinach farmer earns more by avoiding middlemen, Agreprenuer earns twice from ripening other farmers' bananas, Trenches store roadside water for Kitui farmer, Exotic birds are more profitable than chicken, Mixed farming earns agripreneur double cash, Livestock farmers to save Sh160 with cheap foot and mouth vaccine, OPINION: Set for Take off – Kenya’s Agriculture Sector Ready for Increased Investments, Dual purpose brown chicken gives farmer close to 300 eggs yearly, Cassava factory offers farmers ready market for produce, Tomato farmer lights lantern at night to trap more fruit flies, East Africa poultry farmers warned over avian flu outbreak, Whatsapp helps poultry farmer make more sales on festive season, Tomato farmer targets harsh weather to make profits, Farmer intercrops maize with vetch to boost milk production, SoilCares mobile soil lab gives farmers results in three hours, Poultry farmer makes over 25 per cent profit from end-year festivities, Farmer selling nyama choma goats in Nairobi and Nakuru, Arid tagasaste shrub offers livestock fodder for 30 years, Demand for passion fruit opens new frontier for coffee farmer, Irregular irrigation causes tomato splitting losses to farmers, Cactus is water and feed for livestock on dry spells, Bagging bananas quickens maturity by two weeks, Poultry farmer fights fleas with banana peels, Water dam saves farmer over Sh6,000 per month in irrigation bills, Organic fertiliser doubles onions, helps farmer penetrate new market, Brachiaria grass triples Siaya farmer's milk production, Solar pump helps farmer rear fish away from the river, Farmer earns more from green maize than grains, Trichoderma fungus eliminates deadly soil-borne diseases, Pest predator saves farmers over 50 per cent vegetable losses, Calendar reversal helps farmer conquer the market, Mulberry leaves offer livestock double Napier grass proteins, Giant pumpkins earn farmer over Sh140,000, Controlled containers boost Kenyan avocado export market, Gradual feed increment keeps milk yield steady after parturition, G-Soko and warehouses save farmers over 30 per cent grain loss, Online advertiser, OLX, opens retails for farmers, Hermetic bag keeps off grain pests for over two years, averts losses, Low nitrogen and drought tolerant maize gives over 20 bags per acre, JKUAT aerial farm saves urbanites kitchen costs, Greenhouse crop rotation quadruples farmer's yields, Online marketplace offers farmers and buyers better prices, Growing drought tolerant maize gives 270kg more per acre, Persimmon fruit fetching over Sh700 per kilo for Nyeri farmers, Plastic-fused slab helps sand soil farmers rear fish, OPINION: Ecological farming is key to food security, climate change, Manual oil extractor to save avocado farmers from losses, JKUAT students find solution to tomato bacteria wilt, Organic fertiliser saves Mwea farmer's rice from drought, Solar incubator saves farmers when power outages occur, One pumpkin can earn farmers over Sh7,000 in four months, Farmers thresh 110kg of wheat per hour free with KALRO machine, Agripreneur sells potted crops for urban rooftop farming, Company flavours tea to boost youth consumption, Farmers spend Sh94 to winnow over 500kg grains per hour, Gutters zero greenhouse irrigation costs for vegetable farmers, Stove turns killer gas to cooking energy and charcoal from waste, Manual decordicator shells 30 times more groundnuts than hand, Farmer uses iron sheet guards to keep off honey badgers from hives, Farmer sells guinea pigs by roasting them for consumers, Molasses secures livestock silage for over a year for farmers, Yellow staking strings attract tomato pests, expert warns farmers, Six months maturing drought resistant arrowroots enter Kenya, Energy-free charcoal cooler keeps food fresh for over seven days, Plastic biogas digesters fit changing livestock size, Exotic beans boost Nyeri farmer's milk output by three litres, JKUAT Shujaa Tractor to cut farmer's tillage costs by five times, Farmers to pump water free with JKUAT stream hydram, Feeding dairy cattle with yeast adds farmers three litres of milk, Algae-based organic fertiliser doubles crop and livestock yields, KEFRI power saw gauge saves over 25 per cent timber loss, Olerai's Tego maize matures in 75 days for fresh green market, Crop app tells contractors expected yields, market size to cut losses, Factsheet of tripling eggplant fruit size for high-end market, Smart tool tells farmers cows are ripe for artificial insemination, Coffee farmers to earn more after deliveries to Euopean exporter, Smart system counts eggs, detects diseases for poultry farmers, Agripreneur turns waste plastic bottles into aerial vegetable farm, Coast neem oil farmer offers residents elephantiasis remedy, Neem oil farmer offering elephantiasis remedy to Coast residents, Farmer courts insect-friendly neem extracts to boost sunflower yields, Detergents give 100 per cent hydroponic fodder and kill germs, Kerosene incubator helps farmer crack poultry agribusiness, Coast farmers cut irrigation costs with water storing crystals, Opinion: Finding the sweet spot of Africa’s agriculture, Machine helps one farmer shell eight 90kg sacks of maize a day, Farmers use weeds to tame crop destroying moles, Juice machine helps farmers earn six times more from sugarcane, Prisons officer helps farmers set up integrated backyard fishponds, Farmers feeding fish kitchen food risk losing stock, expert warns, Farmer makes Sh16,000 from one pig with commercial feeds, Planting plan and market contact helping farmer in selling produce, Wood smoke smell helps farmers stock bees, Housing bees maximises land usage for farmer, Farmers turn to laundry detergents to tame fusarium wilt, Farmer helping others get clean high yielding sweet potatoes, Simple, cheap aflatoxin testing kit launched for farmers, New disease tolerant tomato can earn over Sh2million in 75 days, Factsheet on achieving 100 per cent onion germination, Yellow capsicum short supply shoots prices up, Group earns from ulcer treating banana peels powder, White fly trapping gel halves vegetable pesticide use, Sivan F1 is the four-months million shillings onion for small-holders, Why first 36 hours are critical for orphaned calf in dairy production, Charcoal and egg mix treats feed poisoned rabbits fast, Two months maturing beans released for Western Kenya, Trench water harvesting sustains farm two months after long rains, One Machakos 'Garden of Eden' tree bears multiple fruit varieties, Kisii University scholar moving to rabbit urine harvesting for profits, Farmer fetches thousands from humble doves and pigeons, Farmer finds immersion effective in poultry parasite control, Beef charolais calf earns more than dairy cattle per year, Two chickens and two rabbits multiply 50 fish weight in six months, Integrated poultry rearing secures farmer's chicken from predators, Centrifugal extractor saves farmers 30 per cent honey lost to past ways, Crossbreeding broilers with layers cuts feeds and triples eggs, Group earns six times from banana value addition, High protein double yielding napier grass released, Chamber halves banana ripening days, doubles group earning, Parachute farming saves urbanites over Sh1,000 vegetables expenses, Sigona multistoried poultry farm attracting international visitors, Cow mattress can earn dairy farmers over Sh3,000, cut mastitis, New hybrid watermelon can earn over Sh2.5 million in three months, Multipurpose tractor helps farmers harvest potatoes without cuts, Keen farmers may save 60 per cent livestock breeding losses, Weeds tell farmers the kind of soils they have the and crop to grow on them, Arid farmer moves to exotic bulls for fun and money, Shrub feeds can increase livestock nutrition by 60 per cent, Farmer earns from hay as peers suffer maize and wheat losses, Cheap walking multipurpose tractor for small-scale farmers, Polythene lining keeps ducks home for Machakos farmer, Once jobless youths earn Sh4 million monthly from mushrooms, Opinion: African Heroes and the Superpowers of Agriculture, Exotic cow multiplies milk yield for farmer, International market paying ten times more for purple tea, Free-range dairy goat earns farmer over Sh90,000 a year, Tank fish farmers can purify water for reuse with Sh75,500 kit, Death of farmer's chicks gives birth to plastic cage, Sh57,000 posho mill helps agripreneur double earnings, How farmer improves Friesian milk quality, Value addition earns double cash for groundnuts trader, Rearing over 80 chickens on a two by two metres space, Climbing beans can earn double yields for farmers, The administrator turning his goose hobby into farming venture, How grafting can help citrus farmers beat EU chemical regulations, New Amiran Kenya and Yara fertiliser triples vegetable harvests, Part-time Kajiado farmer earns Sh15,000 from 'free' national park land, Why farmer looked for market before growing cucumber, 'Accident' tomato growing saves farmer who lost Sh300,00 in poultry, Amiran Kenya offering free crop disease clinic to farmers, Crossbreeding triples farmer's milk yield, A Nairobi processing firm offering hot chilli market, Purple passion fruit market pops up in Kiambu County, Sh60 can save farmers up to 80 per cent harvest loss, Farmer adopts irregular planting to spread cash-flow period, Artificial seed germination keeps off deadly tomato diseases, "Baba Yao' painting saves banana farmer against night guarding for theft, Farmers harvest double from orange-fleshed sweet potato varieties, Curing increases sweetpotato shelf-life from seven days to seven months, New tomato hybrid may cut harvest losses by 31 per cent, How resilience is paying fish farmer after collapse of group, Equitel offering up to Sh3million loans to farmers, Ex-Egerton University students turning farming to jobs, Growing Carmen cucumber can earn over Sh200,000 in four months, Benefits of seine nets in fish pond cropping, How two pigs can give you close to Sh1 million in one Year, Yellow capsicum profitable as its supply remains low, Poisoning invasive wildlife may be counter-productive to farmers, Why you need drip irrigation for higher profits, This is how to grow and earn millions with groundnuts, Insects to supplement proteins in animal feed, Zero Fly storage bags to reduce post harvest loses by 30%, Wean kids and lambs when on right weight for better growth, Serving composite tea to crops increases foliage harvest, Tobacco farmers in Kenya to earn up to 4 times in export market, Accurate pregnancy testing kit may soon be in Kenya, Bell pepper farmers to make Sh1.3m per acre in 75days with a new variety, Dhania may help slice farm costs by 'seducing' pest eaters, How to contain the deadly foot and mouth break-out, Farmer milking Sh54,000 monthly from cross-bred cows, Pawpaw farmers to earn Sh3.2 million with a new hybrid variety, Poultry farmers increase earnings, tame aflatoxin with low cost organic supplement, Hybrid watermelon can earn farmers Sh2 million in two months, Samsung digital villages to benefit Rural farmers in Kenya, Rare fruit fetches KSh2,300 per Kg in Kenya, Purple tea to end farmers' agony as black tea prices fall, UKaid providing low-interest loans to Kenyan farmers, Export Council's free product development course to give Kenyan farmers tips on how to penetrate the rich export market, Precision planters help farmers curb seed, time loss, A near free soil sampling initiative to help Kenyan farmers grow right crops, Here are the agribusiness acceleration opportunities farmers in East Africa should look forward to in 2016, Eldoret-based processor teams up with farmers to export tonnes of chilli, Bulb-like camera could help arrest crop, animal thieves, Soil testing services closer to farmers as Soil Cares drives around counties, KSh1 information service links Kenyan farmers with discounts on implements, KEPHIS and county governments bring export eduction to farmers' doorsteps, New products to tame lethal necrosis set for market, Kinango residents at a good place even after marauding rains, Kenya to adopt paperless clearing system in fresh produce market, bringing efficiency and foreign currency faster, Insurance the only rescue for farmers as El Nino rains wreak havoc on farmlands, Streak tolerant banana varieties to shield farmers from annual losses, Affordable solar-powered water pumps could be the key to farming success in Kenya, A herb garden in your backyard can bring you extra revenue, Irrigation could be the reason acres of arable land are becoming useless, Farmers bank on precision farming for increased food production, All attention has turned to coffee as the export market begs for rejuvenation, Ugandan pigs gain 0.5 kgs daily from locally made feeds, Sweet Potato vines silage making as Pig feeds, Dreaded desert locusts tame heart diseases- Scientists, Farmer field schools point farmers to right farming tools, Project lifts Central Kenya farmers through mixed farming, Mushroom group points farmers to international market, One Tamarillo tree earns farmer Sh2,000 yearly, Less than half acre 'wonder' fruit earns farmer over Sh60,000 monthly, Disease resistant new tomato hybrid can earn Sh3 million, Cattle feed on poultry waste, earning poultry farmers extra money, Farmer vouches for apple varieties that yield fruit in one year, The time is ripe for Kenyan farmers to try out cheese making, Financier offers smallholder farmers cheap loans, Narok secures Sh28b investment for agriculture, Sh510 million deals signed to set up milling plants in Narok, Sh1.02b slaughterhouse to be constructed in Narok, Narok to get first frozen French fries plant, Reprieve for barley farmers as exporter steps in, Planned milk plants promise brighter days for Narok farmers, Tomato paste plant worth Sh1.02b in the offing, Dagoretti farmers try out 2-wheel tractors, SAME tractors enter Massey Ferguson’s turf, Adults snatch rabbit keeping ‘hobby’ away from their children, making easy and fast returns, Kenyan farmer film moves world leaders to tears, Model bamboo center breeding millionaires, Central Kenya avocado farmers enjoying export opportunity, Eldoret dairy school brings hands on training to farmers, Naivasha farm harvests 3 million litres of El Nino water, Uganda President Museveni gets his grape seedlings from Meru, UK charity to buy cows for poor African farmers, USAID predicts great year-end for pastoralists, Growing Cayenne pepper worth KSh1m in Murang'a, Tithonia flowers used to make home-made pesticides in Kitale, Kitale farmers earning double profits from Napier grass farming, Motorcycle that pumps water enters Kenyan market, The ABCs of napier grass cultivation and management, Kenyan farmer imports world's best grape cuttings, Eldoret artist earns Sh2000 a day selling scarecrows to farmers, Farmer's sukuma wiki variety grows for 10 years, Limuru farmer hacks vegetable market with Chinese cabbages, Superior Kenyan bean variety increases yields by 50 per cent, Makerere University unveils tractor made of wood, Strange epidemic disease identified in Northern Kenya, Kienyeji chicken firm with ready market looking for trainees.

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